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Frequently asked questions

Relating to rental cars in Ireland

Where are you based? Where do I pick up my car?

We have lots of locations in Dublin, around Ireland, and in all airports, so you can choose your pickup point when booking your car.

What hours do you trade?

You can book online 24 hours 365 days a year.

What method of payments do you accept?

You can pay by mastercard or visa. The owner of the card must be present at the agreed pickup point.

Can another person drive the rented vehicle?

The only person who can drive the rented vehicle is the person on the agreement who is insured. If you intend to have a second driver they must be added to the agreement.

Is it safe when booking by using my credit card?

Car rental Dublin partnered with Car Trawler who use a secure protected site. Your details are 100% secure.

Is it possible to rent a baby seat?

There are child seats available at an extra charge. The requirement in Ireland by law is that a baby seat or booster is required up to the age of 11. The responsibility lies with the person or persons hiring the vehicle.

Will the hired car need fuel?

The rental car would come with a full tank of petrol or diesel. It is the responsibility of the person on the agreement to refill upon return. Alternatively pay the rate of fuel charge on the day of return.

On the day of pickup can I upgrade to a better car?

Provided there is availability. Subject to agreement.

What are the driver requirements upon pick up day?

The driver must hold a valid driving license for a minimum of two years to suit that citatory of vehicle being rented.

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What car sizes do we stock?
Our car sizes come in Economy, Compact and Standard / Intermediate. We also have some bigger motors if needed. We have cars with Air Conditioning, Automatic & Manual Transmission or whatever meets you needs.
How much does it cost to rent a car?
Our rates vary depending on the season but we can summarise our car rental pricing by saying we are always adjusting our rates to beat the competition and its never been cheaper to rent a car.
More Questions?
We have tried to anticipate some of your questions in our FAQ section.

You have any questions or need additional information?
Address: Head Office: 114-4 Custom Hall, Gardiner Street, Dublin 1